Assessment of Magnesium and Calcium status in oral cancer patients

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Seta A Sarkis
Suad AL-Ani
Marwan Al-Nimr


Background: The aim was to determine whether Mg and Ca ions could serve as tumor markers.
Materials and methods: A total sample of 53 individuals was studied that includes 33 patients with oral cancer and 20 well-matching control. Estimation of Mg and Ca levels in the lymphocytes of healthy individuals and patients, in the normal and diseased tissues of patients were performed using atomic absorption spectrophotometer.
Results: The values of both elements in the lymphocytes of patients were exchangeable according to the histopathological diagnosis. They were generally elevated in comparison to the control. (Ca = (3.9833.214mean SD), Mg = (2.5982.364 mean SD). Decrease levels of either elements in the diseased tissues observed in comparison to normal tissues in both sexes but it was more obvious in females than males (P<0.001 for Ca, P<0.002 for Mg).
Conclusion: Patients with oral cancer are immune suppressed and immune disturbance could be the cause of the results found in this work.

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Sarkis, S., AL-Ani , S. and Al-Nimr , M. (1) “Assessment of Magnesium and Calcium status in oral cancer patients”, Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry, 21(1), pp. 66-69. Available at: (Accessed: 29February2020).