The complaints management:
1. For any complaint, selects Complaints and Appealsl from the journal site.
2. The editor in Chief receives all comments and complaints, and acknowledges the recipt of all complaints. 
3. The complaint is reviewed with both the Editorial Secretarial and The Editorial Manager to handle complaints, investigate the claims and resolve them quickly.
4. The editor in Chief is encouraged to make recommendations for improving the system, and discuss that with journal editors and staff as well.
5. The editor in Chief sends an explanation and information to the person submitting the complaint. 

The objective of this policy is to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a fair and effective manner. The Journal complaints management system aims to: 
1. Enable us to respond to issues raised by the complainants in a timely and cost effective manner.
2. Enhance the confidence of authors in our publishing process.
3. Provide quality improvements in our products (where applicable) , service, staff, and complaints handling . 

For any complaints please contact us through the following address:

[email protected]