Teeth Displacement and Palatal Adaptation of Autoclave Cured acrylic resin with Various Palates and Investments.

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Abdalbasit A Fatihallah
Rola W A
Ali N A


Background: The denture base inaccuracies during processing negatively influence the retention and stability of finished complete denture. The aims of this study were to evaluate teeth movement and palatal adaptation of autoclave cured denture bases and their relationship with palatal depths and investments.
Materials and methods: A nightly maxillary complete dentures prepared, processed and organized to be tested as follows: 1. Processing methods: water bath and autoclave with both fast and slow cycles. 2. Palatal depth: shallow, medium and deep. 3. Investing medium: stone and silicone. For every finished denture, two measurements were done: first: teeth movement by attaching metallic reference screws on the right and left centrals, first premolars and second molars. Second: palatal adaptation by sectioning the posterior part of the denture and measuring the distances between five selected points which were on the right and left: ridge crest, center of the vestibule and middle of the palate. Then two measurements were done before and after curing by using travelling microscope of 0.001% of accuracy. The collected data organized statistically by three ways analysis of variance for curing methods, investments and palatal depth. Also, least significant test and t test for detection of difference.
Results: High significant improvements in dimensional stability shows when autoclave was used compared with the water bath. Results show that autoclave curing reduces the amount of teeth movements and improves palatal adaptation with silicone investment compared with stone.
Conclusions: resin curing by autoclave is a better alternative to water bath. The dimensional stability were improved especially when silicone were used instead of stone.
Key words: Teeth movements, palatal adaptation, silicone investment, travelling microscope.

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Fatihallah AA, A RW, A AN. Teeth Displacement and Palatal Adaptation of Autoclave Cured acrylic resin with Various Palates and Investments. J Bagh Coll Dent [Internet]. 2016 Mar. 15 [cited 2022 Aug. 19];28(1):1-10. Available from: https://jbcd.uobaghdad.edu.iq/index.php/jbcd/article/view/1077
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