The Prevalence of Oral Protozoa Trichomona Stenax in some Patients with Gingivitis

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Fadia A Al-Khayat


Background:As arelationshipbetween gingivitis disease and the presence of the oral protozoa Trichomonastenax has been represented byconsiderable differences among various study population.The purpose of present study is determining the prevalence of T.tenax in patients with gingivitis and healthy subjects.
Subjects,Materials and Methods:The presence of the parasite has been diagnosed with 58 patients withgingivitisand 58 healthy persons during the period of the study(April and May 2015) by taken two swabs for each one,microscopic examination was done using saline wet mount method and stained method. Age, sex and brushing teeth habit were in a count. Statistical analysis was done by SPSS program.
Results:Gingivitis disease was observed in 58patients among the total 163 examined subjects(35.58%)with a highly significant differences P<0.01 recorded between males and females(40.22%,30.26% respectively).The prevalence of T.tenax in gingivitis patients was higher than healthy(56.89%,6.89%)respectively. According to gender and age the highly prevalence rate was demonstrated in males (62.85%)and in the age category 51-60 years old (92.8%). Data analysis showed that a highly significant differences P<0.01was demonstrated in the prevalence rate between brushing teeth users 29.1% and non-brushing teeth users 11.9%.
Conclusion:The study confirmed the existence of a relationship between parasite infection and gingivitis disease where the higher prevalence of T.tenaxwas found in gingivitis patients compared with healthy controls. People should receive dental care togain high hygiene oral cavity and have low infection to T.tenax.
Keyword: Gingivitis, protozoa, Trichomonastenax.

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