The Effect of Addition of Zirconium Nano Particles on Antifungal Activity and Some Properties of Soft Denture Lining Material

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Alaa D Yasser
Nabeel Abdul Fatah


Background Microorganisms and fungal growth especially Candida albicans, on soft denture lining material are the most common problem which can lead to chronic mucosal inflammation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of zirconium nanoparticles into acrylic-based heat cured soft denture lining material against Candida albicans, and the amount of zirconium ion release of soft liner/ZrNPs composite. Furthermore, evaluate shear bond strength after ZrNPs addition to soft liner.
Materials and methods: Zirconium nanoparticles were added into acrylic-based soft denture liner in various percentages (1%, and 1.5% by weight). Two hundred and fifty specimens were arranged and isolated into four groups as per the test to be done The antifungal activity of the soft liner/ZrNPs composite was assessed in three different periods by using two methods (viable count of C. albicans and disk-diffusion test). In two distinct periods, amount of zirconium released in artificial saliva was detected by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Instron testing machine was used to test the shear bond strength of the soft liner to the acrylic denture base material.
Results: A highly significant decrease in colony forming units of C. albicans in experimental groups (1% and 1.5%ZrNPs) contrast with control group. There was no inhibition zone around any specimen of any test group. In artificial saliva there was no zirconium distinguished to be released at any incubation period. There was a highly significant increase in the mean value of shear bonding strength after incorporation of ZrNPs at 1.5% percentage into soft liner.
Conclusion: The addition of ZrNPs into acrylic-based soft denture lining material helps to provide soft denture liner with antifungal properties, thus reducing the susceptibility to develop denture-induced stomatitis. There is no zirconium has been detected at any incubation period and there is increased in the shear bond strength of the soft lining material.


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Yasser AD, Abdul Fatah N. The Effect of Addition of Zirconium Nano Particles on Antifungal Activity and Some Properties of Soft Denture Lining Material. J Bagh Coll Dent [Internet]. 2017 Dec. 15 [cited 2023 Sep. 23];29(4):27-33. Available from:
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