Estimation of the Bennett mandibular immediate side shift in Iraqi full mouth rehabilitation patients (An in vivo study)

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Maan R Zakaria


Background: Controversy exists concerning the presence and amount of the Bennett mandibular immediate side shift among patients and whether it is necessary to accommodate for it in adjustable articulators. The aim of this study was to register and calculate the amount of any immediate side shift (ISS) present in patients requiring full mouth rehabilitation.
Materials and methods: 3- dimensional condylar movements of 50 Iraqi TMD-free patients were recorded using a stereographic fully adjustable articulator system during protrusion, left and right eccentric mandibular movements. Protrusive angles of each patient were verified to figure out the suitable fossa analog for each case. The thickness of each right and left premade fossa analog selected was measured with a vernier caliper and was tightly secured in the articulator fossa compartment. Functionally-generated path recordings were performed using custom-made intraoral clutches. Bennett ISSs, verified by the stereographic system in the molded fossae, were measured using the vernier caliper. The final right and left ISSs were estimated by subtracting the thickness of the blank fossa analog from that of the molded one. The final ISSs were recorded and statistically compared.
Results: Stereographic recordings of eccentric mandibular movements revealed ISSs within all patients involved in this study. The ISSs varied among the patients and bilaterally within them. Their average values ranged between 0.80 mm for females and 1.68 mm for males, showing significant statistical differences between them but with no relevancy to age advancement. Mean values of ISSs of males' and females' mandibular left joints were more than those recorded by their right joints.
Conclusion: Verifying the mandibular ISS in the molded fossae is an essential step to efficiently rehabilitate full mouth cases; thus it would be helpful to use a fully adjustable articulator system to restore complicated cases since very minor intraoral occlusal adjustments might be required for the finished restorations prior to the final cementation.


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